Museums and monuments

Castle of Grignan

Travel through 1000 years of history in the largest Renaissance palace in the South East of France, fully furnished and marked by the illustrious Marqise de Sévigné . Discover from its terraces a breathtaking 360 ° panorama of Provencs.

The Castle of Adhémar
Enter a medieval palace perched on the heights of the city, witness to a prestigious line of Provence . Admire this jewel of romanesque architecture, its unique Arcade windows in the world, its walkway rondabout.
The Simiane Castle
Go and explore the residence of Pauline de Simiane, granddaughter of the Marquise de Sévigné.
Museum of cardboard and printing
This depatemental museum, unique in France, traces the methods of making and printing the cardboard box in Valréas, the original capital of French cardboard (mid 19 th century) to the present day.
Blue Provence distillery
Distillery of lavender and aromatic plants with guided tours and workshops in the heart of the discovery area. A multisensory experience is waiting for you.
Templar Commandery

12th century commandery, with exhibition on the templars. Truffle and wine Museum.

The Antique Theater of Orange
The most beautiful Roman theater in the world ! In the heart of Provence, this great Theater of Imperial Rome, declared as a UNESCO heritage site, is an exceptional testimony to Roman civilization. Relive 2000 years of history.
The Pope’s Palace in Avignon

The Pope’s Palace in Avignon is the largest of the  Gothic constrction of the Middle Ages. Both a fortress and a palace, the pontifical resedence was during the 14 th century the seat of Western Christianity.

The chauvet cave
Paleolithic cave doscovered in 1994. The site contains a thousand of paintings and engravings, including 447 representations of animals from 14 different species. The paintings and engravings are among the oldest in the world. The cave have been listed as UNESCO WORL HERITAGE Site since 2014
Nougat Museum
Several museums and factories in Nougat are located in Montélimar . Discover the production and come and taste …
The Crocodile Farm

At the heart of a lush biodiversity, observe more than 600 animals (crocodiles, turtles, pythons …)

Aven Marzal cave

Cave descending to – 125 meters, prehistoric dinosaur zoo and Museum of speleology and the underground world.